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VSP Global’s goal is to win more patients for network doctors. To do this, winning starts with the client. As the marketplace continues to shift, we will always continue to invest in the success of network doctors. This means making decisions that will strengthen our position to win contracts and grow membership. 

As part of these efforts, we have been working to align the VSP supply chain with industry standards and ensuring VSP offerings remain competitive, relevant, and of high value to doctors, members, and clients. Continue to check back regularly for updates.

Formulary Changes Delayed Until 2021 and Fund Established to Help Offset Doctor COVID Costs

In response to the continuing extraordinary impacts of COVID-19, VSP® will delay ophthalmic formulary changes originally set to start September 1, until January 1, 2021 and is launching a new grant program to help offset expenses network practices are dealing with as a result of the pandemic.

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Necessary Steps to Protect and Preserve Our Patient Access
VSP Global made an announcement regarding formulary changes effective January 1, 2021, formerly September 1, 2020, impacting how VSP reimburses for preferred and non-preferred materials. 

Flourishing in the Face of Change
Like the rest of the world, I’ve been impacted by the pandemic. Our practice was closed for routine care for six weeks, current patient flow is reduced by a third, and we have all sorts of new safety protocols in place.

Helping Patients Navigate Choice
Back in the day, we used to present all our products to patients, giving them the freedom to choose the ones they liked the best. Over time, we learned that this approach overwhelmed some patients. 

Tasting Every Item On the Menu
Patients rely on our expertise to provide the very best recommendations for their eye care needs, so it’s critical that we stay on top of the developments and advancements in our field and keep our staff educated.

Maximizing Changes Made During Downtime
As a partner in an eight-location practice, I was worried about the impact to our bottom line of being closed for about a month in response to COVID-19.

The Trust of Ohana: Making Recommendations that Patients Embrace
Ohana means “family” in the Hawaiian language, and it embodies our philosophy and that of our practice, Ronald R. Reynolds, OD, Inc., located in Mililani, Hawaii. 

Moving to Unity
With upcoming formulary changes from VSP, some doctors are considering altering their lens products to accommodate. As a practice that now uses Unity Lenses almost exclusively, we have experience making that transition.