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VSP Global’s goal is to win more patients for network doctors, specifically those in the Premier Program. To do this, winning starts with the gatekeeper—the benefits manager and their employees.

As the market continues to shift, we will always lean in the direction of the doctor. This means making decisions that will strengthen our position to win more contracts that will put more patients in doctors’ offices, like yours. 

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VSP Global® Announces Expanded Retail Strategy

Developments underscore commitment to meet client expectations, diverse member needs and provide choice of practice settings for Doctors of Optometry.
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New Private Equity Arrangements on Hold 

To ensure VSP Global® continues to meet the needs of clients, members, and providers, VSP recently completed an assessment of the scope of the VSP provider network. Based on this assessment and our recent retail strategy announcement, effective April 15, 2019, VSP will be placing a hold on any new network arrangements with private equity or similar backed groups.

Thinking about selling your practice? For information on how the sale of your practice might affect your VSP network eligibility, contact VSP Provider Network Development.

WATCH: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Benefits Manager

Learn more about the role that benefits managers play in deciding the contracts that drive patients into practices.

WATCH: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Consumer

How four key consumer expectations are shaping the vision care industry.

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